Introducing the Livly Community Feed 

Apartment software as easy to use as your go-to mobile apps.

Apartments can now share comments, photos, links and more within their private social feed:

✓  Integrate with your PMS software 

✓  Easily manage move-in requirements  

✓  Review important lease details 

✓  Record resident-level notes 

✓  Communicate with staff and residents 

✓  List building-level amenities for booking 

✓  Create custom local deals each building

✓  Publish and moderate the Community Feed

+  More tools to manage your community 

Livly Community Feed Features

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Resident Experience

  Digital move in

 Modern communication with PM's 

 Mobile Rent 

 Package Notifications 

 Directory of local service providers

 Mobile Key

 Amenity Reservations

  Community Feed

+  So much more

What is the Livly Community Feed?

The Livly Community Feed is a new, modern social network for multifamily residents and community managers. Post content right in the Livly mobile app. 

Meet the Livly Resident Mobile App

Community Feed is the newest addition to the Livly suite of resident features

Meet the Livly Hub

With Livly, property staff have access to a web and mobile hub that makes   resident management tasks simple and convenient

✓  Community managers can communicate directly with residents within the Livly Mobile App.

✓  Residents can communicate and engage with Feed posts, including likes and comments.

✓  Staff can proactively monitor all activity using the Livly Hub web and mobile platforms. 

✓  All communications are private and encrypted using SSL technology.

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Send News in Real-Time

Community feed is a modern distribution channel for safety alerts, events, and general community-wide information.

Build Resident Engagement

Community feed is a platform for residents to form relationships around common interests. The more your residents connect, the more likely they are to renew.

Drive Community Commerce

Community feed is a marketplace for residents to buy/sell goods/services in the community. Commerce leads to engagement, which leads to higher resident satisfaction.

Give your apartment community its own private social network.


Introducing the Livly Community Feed 


Give your apartment community its own private social network.

"The mass communication feature is extremely user friendly. It is very convenient to just click "current residents" to ensure all residents are receiving the message without having to upload a list of email addresses."

Property Manager

Nicole D'Amico